Saba Hasan
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A prominent contemporary artist, Saba has been making significant contributions in the realm of abstract art both in technique and concepts in over18 years of practice.

She has successfully developed her own visual alphabet using non-traditional materials like, plaster, sand, leaves, nails, urdu text, books and sound to create works which are imbued with meanings. Her philosophical and conceptual works look specifically at the unknown and the inscrutable, often referencing socio political issues which impact our destiny.

Saba has been awarded the National Raza Award for painting and international fellowships in art and culture from Syracuse University, Ecole D’Arts Visuels, Lausanne, the French Cultural Ministry, the George Keyt Art Foundation, the Florence Biennale and the Oscar Kokoschka Academy in Austria.

She is currently developing sound files, short films from retrieved footage and encapsulating her video conversations with intellectuals as part of her truth project.

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